Meridian Marbles & Decorative Stone Pvt. Ltd. has  its own quarry very rich with green marbles and spread across vast area in Gogunda located at about  35 kms. from Udaipur.


Our quarry, the processing center, stockyard, packaging area and offices are equipped to be ultra modern & hi -tech. Infrastructure we have built is of high standard at the quarry and processing center allowing us to carry out high precisioned production activity. Green marbles of varying shades are excavated as rough blocks at our quarry and processed at our processing center along with the imported marble, sandstones and slate stones.


The highlights are:

  • We have also built best infrastructure at our quarry, processing center, stockyard and packaging units.
  • Our technicians are trained by internationally acclaimed trainers.
  • Our plants run round the clock.
  • The three Diamond Gangsaws that we have yields over 1,60,000 square meters of marble slabs.
  • Meridian Marbles are equipped with the best processing machineries of reputed manufacturers like, Friends Engineering Works, Rajasthan Udyog  etc.