The polished slabs and tiles are carefully packaged for the long journey to the Customers’ sites. Especially designed thermocol boxes are used to pack the tiles of 10mm and 12mm thicknesses. The 20mm tiles are packed in strong wooden boxes, covered by a protective transparent polythene sheet.


The random and cut to size slabs are packed in seaworthy heavy-duty wooden frames. The extreme care exercised in packing goes a long way to prevent any chance breakage and loss during the transit.All international cargoes are fumigated, lashed and choked as per established international safety and security measures.

Quality Control measures – Packaging

  • Every slab/ tile is inspected by the expert eyes of our Expert Quality Control Officers.
  • Gloss meters are used to ensure consistent textures and assured polish levels.
  • Defect-free edge cutting, perfect angles, and closely monitored thickness using verniers provide hassle-free end-use.