Rajasthan is the largest resource for good quality marble in India. Rajasthan is synonym to marbles mainly because of the varieties of marbles coming from Rajasthan in the form of Makrana, Rajnagar, Andhi, Salumbar, Yellow, Bidasar, Morwad marbles and very special Rajasthan Abu black marble. Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are the other two States of India to also boast of offering marbles. While Gujarat has Ambaji White Marbles and also Green Marbles, Madhya Pradesh is providing Katni range and Jabalpur range marbles.


Green marble per se was not known earlier to 1970s. Green Marbles became vogue and gained its importance along with Makrana Marble. Now both green and Makrana Marbles  have become much sought after world over and Meridian Marbles has been a name mainly for its quarrying resource of green marbles.



Indian Marbles: