India is a big source of supply and known world over for granite and there was a perception that granites are available only in the southern part of India. The north, especially the state of Rajasthan, had been connected only to marble, sandstone and slates. Even though marble is synonym to Rajasthan, a silent revolution has taken place for a significant  granite industry to take shape in the State of Rajasthan. This has put Rajasthan as a very good source of granite in variety of colours. The production of blocks has started increasing as also the size of the blocks as the mechanisation process speeding up in the quarries.


The most popular materials identified as Rajasthan granites are Desert Brown, Desert Green (also known as Splendour Green) and Devgarh Black finding its overseas markets in China, Gulf and other European countries.

We at Meridian Marbles are able to highlight to get a demand created for supply of Rajasthan Marbles. It is because of the most important and true fact that Rajasthan Granites are lower priced compared to the granites of South India. Main contributory factor being the reduced transport cost. That is how we are able to market Rajasthan Granites effectively, scoring over the granite from South India. Meridian Marbles is able to stand out as we are best positioned to not only meet up with market demands and customers needs with the quality marbles of Rajasthan as also Rajasthan Granites.


Rajasthan Granites: